PCA's Mission

The Pennsylvania Cattlemen's Association mission is to be a member driven voice to protect and preserve the Pennsylvania cattle industry through legislation, producer education and youth development.

The Benefits of Membership

You do not have to have to own cattle to be a member of PCA. Our Producer Membership is for individuals, with or without cattle, who wish to be involved in the PA Cattle Industry.

Active members shall be individuals eighteen years of age or more. Each active member shall have one vote. Active members must live or operate in Pennsylvania. Out-of-state Members are the same as active members with voice but without the right to vote.

                   Madison Bowen, Centre Hall, PA 

The Goals of PCA

  • Lobby with affiliate input on local, regional, state and national issues;

  • Supporting partner with Beef Quality Assurance;

  • Quarterly Keystone Cattlemen magazine and Pennsylvania Cattlemen’s Association (“PCA”) website to serve as a communication hub; and

  • Conduct youth oriented events.

             Photo courtesy of: Tammy Blatt, Robesonia, PA