Enhancing the Beef Industry Through Education and Legislation

The Pennsylvania Cattlemen's Association ("PCA") is an organization for progressive cattlemen with the pursuit of educational programs for Pennsylvania cattle Producers.  The PCA also promotes the beef industry to the general public.

The Board of Directors of the PCA meets on a quarterly basis.  Individual members as well as affiliate members of the PCA are encouraged to serve on the Board of Directors.  Each Director is elected to a three-year term and is eligible to serve two consecutive terms at which time he or she will "time out".  Once a director has "timed out", a year must pass before he or she is eligible to serve again.

In order to be eligible to serve as a member of the Board of Directors, individuals must be a member in good standing with the PCA, either as an individual or through an affiliate member.  A member in good standing is a member whose dues have been paid for the current year.  All dues are payable by February 1st of each year.